About Us. Meet the carpenter and designer.

Mark knows more about tools than anyone has a right to know. From docks and decks to kitchen renovations, Mark Clement loves moving fast on the jobsite.

   He writes the Editor's Choice segment for HGTVpro.com Weekly, is the tool and how-to expert for HGTVpro.com, and writes for DIYNetwork.com,

Handy, and Extreme How-To magazines. He's also the '2-by Guy' for Popular Mechanics

magazine. He is the former award-winning executive editor of Tools of the Trade, and has been a featured guest on PBS, DIY Network, Discovery Channel, Good Day Philadelphia, and other national radio and TV programs.

   Mark is the author of the critically-acclaimed novel The Carpenter’s Notebook, and Kid’s Carpenter’s Workbook.

   Combined with his past as a former rugby player, a triathlete, marathon runner, and urbanathlete, Mark’s energy and skill are undeniable. Click here to watch Mark build a deck.Click here to watch Mark demonstrate new Sears Craftsman tools for Popular Mechanics.

Theresa is equally at home on a jobsite as at a drafting desk. Her formal training in architecture and journalism have given her the skills to be a jack-of-many trades: carpenter, illustrator, magazine editor, photographer, author, designer, publisher, model, and publicist.

    She is a contributor to HGTVpro.com and DIYNetwork.com, an author of Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement and DIY Quick Fix

from DK publishing and Black & Decker Complete Guide to Shelves & Built-Ins from Creative Publishing and the card game and coloring book Build It!

   As a publisher, she has created more than 50 products in the home building industry—from software and business books to Spanish publications.

    When she isn't helping others with home improvement, she's working on her Formal Farmhouse or out volunteering. She's serves on her town's main street board, is a contributing reporter for the local newspaper, and helps run Race Against the Sun, an organization that raises money and awareness for melanoma. She is a former competitive rower, recreational runner, and bass player.

    Click here to see a recent article "MasterSuite MasterPiece" from Mark & Theresa.











    BOOKS from

            Mark and Theresa


Black & Decker Complete Guide to Custom Shelves & Built-ins: Build Custom Add-ons to Create a One-of-a-kind Home (Black & Decker Complete Guide)


The Carpenter's Notebook -- A Novel



Kid's Carpenter's Workbook


Do It Yourself Home Improvement: Step by Step Guide to Home Improvement