The Attic. Could there be more angles to deal with?

The attic was an 800 square feet untouched and uninsulated gem that was leaking. In the piles of treasures from the former owners, we happily

found the house's original doors.

Framing an opening for new skylight.

New recessed lighting and two skylights will brighten the space.

The rafters are left exposed, making the drywall job in a non-rectangular room even more complicated.

Cutting a hole in the roof for the skylight.

Installing a new window with the help of a friend.

Finishing drywall and painting.

Could there be more angles?

Tongue-and-groove knee wall storage.

Setting the old nails below the surface to get ready for sanding the 100-year-old floor boards.

Nailing the old floor boards in place

before sanding and sealing.

        Sanding the floor.


Sealing the floor.

We waited for the floor to cure.

And then we waited some more.

After three weeks, the floor was still tacky. The company says there is no guarantee on drying time. We were anxious to use the space, so a tough decision had to be made.

So, we spent another weekend sanding and resealing the floor.

We used a latex product this time and were able to use the space within a week.