The Basement. The heart of the house and the soon-to-be underground man's dream retreat!

The Basement

The before photo (left)

The basement offers an expanse of untapped real estate just waiting to be turned into a man's dream space: a glorious tool shop, a full bathroom with rain-shower, and a media room.

      Overcoming the obstacles of leaking walls and wet floors is just the first step. There are wires and pipes running in every conceivable direction and across and through every surface--including windows and exterior walls. While we were uncluttering and updating the electrical, we added some primo shop lights.

       The next challenge that we tackled: replacing the four windows.

If you've seen Mark on the Jawhorse infomercial, you've seen the workshop part of our unfinished basement.

    The basment looks more like the photos on this page than what you saw on TV. The camera crew made the shop look better than it's ever looked!

   Click here to view the infomercial.

The temporary shop--

the workhorse of our Formal Farmhouse.

Shelves are key to organization

in a busy tool shop.

New windows add a level of insulation

this house has never witnessed.