The Baby Boy's Room. Boy has this room changed!

After demoing the entire room back to the structural block, stud walls are built and insulation is packed between the bays.

The room benefits from new electrical and drywall.

Finishing drywall isn't really as glamorous as it doesn't sound.

We wanted to install a Murphy bed so guests could have access to a full-size bed, but the frame was too big for our stairs. We cut a hole in the living room ceiling and hoisted it through a joist bay.

Painting...and painting...and painting...

Laying down the wide plank floors that match the rest of the bedrooms is fun, but sanding and finishing could be considered much less fun.

It's time for the Murphy bed! Old Creek Wallbed Factory provided a kit of parts that was easy to follow.

Finding the studs in the wall to make sure the bed is secure.

We have the optional light package that illuminates from inside the top frame.

The bed fits! It's easy to operate, too.

The finished murphy bed also has a side cabinet that's great for storing the comforter and pillows. It also has a pull-out that works as a nightstand.

The bed: It's comfortable and a great option when space is tight.